I'm not sure whether to include what people say directly to me about others or other groups, in terms of stereotyping or ethnic assumptions.

I know I was intending to include instances when the divulgence has that familiar ring to it - the kind of stereotype which is commonly said about my own ethnicity. This one isn't, I guess - not of the community I was brought up in, at least.

Teaching a group of Bengali children, 10 and 11 years olds in a workshop, the classroom teacher approached me in a quiet moment and confided that she was amazed how lively and interactive the kids were. Apparently they normally don't even speak to each other - especially across gender lines. And also, all this modern art is so unfamiliar to them. They normally stay completely within their culture never venturing outside of it - especially the girls.
I didn't mention that the same could be said of many communities - not just of Muslims, not just those wearing veils...
Many kids from majority ethnic backgrounds, white kids, don't go into galleries or leave their familiar surrounds.
I didn't say anything but moved away to continue the workshop.

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