The significance of this one has just crept up on me. I've only really realised it over time.
I was given the opportunity to write and design some interpretive material for an artwork that was on the Net. Since I've been doing my web design class, I was thrilled and decided to apply some of my newly learned skills - eventhough they were really only after content.
I designed a game about arranging things (took the javascript from - fab site!). I was aware of copyright issues when working for a big corporate and was careful to use only 'universal' symbols, but ones that are relevent to the artwork or to the artist's previous work. Admittedly there was a bit of a cheeky reference in my version and I knew the colours may not get corporate approval so might have to be changed.
I handed in the CD-rom and 2 weeks later saw it online - changed. I knew that would happen. I've written stuff for them before and had my editorial line 'smoothed out', and once shockingly, completely changed. So I wasn't too surprised or upset. But this game was completely changed. Partly I was annoyed because it seems quite irrelevent now and stupid but actually what is most problematic is that there are images in it - images of 'doctors' to be precise. Each one of these doctors is white and male.

At first I was only annoyed because that part of the site has my name on it and I would never use those kinds of images so I was annoyed at how it might reflect on me and my politics. I decided to leave it though and not write back to the web editor and complain. I thought about future possible work and decided to remain silent. I work freelance.
Over the past week I've realised that I've sold out. I didn't care about the corporate projecting an image that is symbolically sexist and racist (and with them, me) because I wanted more work in the future.
That's a basic one isn't it? Not rocking the boat because of future job possibilities. I'll email them, after I've posted this up.

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