Went to a talk / conference thing and B. was giving a speech about the area around the Whitechapel Art Gallery. Famously, it is a site for immigration, a point of entry into London for refugees since the 17th century Hugenots to today.

He erroneously recounted that the Jewish immigrants of the area were from fleeing the Nazi regime. I was very annoyed at this disinformation and scribbled down a couple of sentences which I handed to him at the end... to save his face, I gave it to him with no one looking. Basically, I corrected him with the fact that the Jewish immigrants of the area came mostly during the 19th century, fleeing Russian / Ukrainian pogroms. I also added that few Jewish refugees were allowed into Britain during the war.

Why was I so angry? I'm not sure except that he really should know better, given his background in education and where he has worked. I guess I also have a big problem with people who publicly re-write history whether through ignorance, apathy or malice.

Also I guess, there's an issue that Jewish people are always associated with either Israel or the Nazis' Holocaust nowadays- and that's about it. there's a kind of fixed identity either around victim or perpetrator... and for Woody Allen fans, there's also the neurotic...

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