I realised this morning what it might be like for friends to read something they recognise here. I am sure they will feel misrepresented because I have taken comments and situations out of context.

So to protect people's identities, I have mixed up all the initials. This diary is about me and my encounters with racism. I am not out to embarrass friends, though I have to admit, that with those few who have made me really angry I probably haven't cared too much whether they're embarrassed or not. I apologise for that. That's not my place or purpose and I am probably abusing my power over what goes in here and what doesn't. I would like to invite anyone to add their view, if they wish, by adding a comment.

Also, from now on, I am going to add a line at the beginning of each entry reminding myself and you, that this diary is subjective. It is a record of my observations and feelings and how I have understood a situation or encounter. Another person may understand the same situation very differently. And therefore they would record it differently.

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