Registered for a new IT course. Question where is your name from? Instantly remembered last HTML course where I dropped out because the teaching was undermining and disrespectful. On a student's roll full of 'exotic' names, I was the only one to have the question: where is your name from?

Why? Because I look european-descent? Because you would think from my accent that I must have a particular genetic legacy? Maybe, because I look like you, yet have a funny name, you need to fit me into your scheme of things?

This new tutor's name was Vladimir, so I think his motivation may have been different. But then, he felt he had to tell me about the time he spent in Australia. He has a friend who's Croatian. "And?" I should have asked, but instead reassured him that there are many people from all over the world who live in Australia.

"Yes," he said, "Melbourne is the largest Greek city in the world." I corrected him, "It has the second largest Greek descended population in the world, second to Athens." I don't get it. Why did he tell me that? Why do so many people find that fact surprising enough to reiterate? And in this case, what has that fact to do with my 'funny name'? I think I know, but it would be refreshing to have someone come out and say it.
I think.

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