Went to a party and met up with a neighbour from 5 years ago. We had a lovely time remembering old times and then I asked about who had moved into our old house, she said "Asians." She then went on to talk about how it had changed and how "the street had gone down since they moved in." Just before that we had talked about the 'neighbour from hell' that had lived there for a couple of years. It couldn't have gone further down hill from those times. That really was awful. This woman had bullied everyone in the street, verbally and physically until she ended up being thrown out.

My old neighbour then covered her mouth and said she knew it sounded really awful but... Her friend jumped in with, "But it's true. They move in and it all goes down hill." Being a black woman I was about to remind her that 'locals' said the same of her people 30 or 40 years ago but I was tired and I wanted to get out and frankly I didn't want to alway have to be other people's consciences.

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