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I was reading a DearDiary entry. I include my response here because it was called, 'He was like Hitler'.

Anyone who titles a diary entry so provocatively is looking for a particular response - one that clearly distinguishes the victim from the perpetrator. The diary entry was about emotional abuse. Details of the perpetrator's abuses were enumerated.

I find the idea of comparing an abusive person - however evil his behaviour - to Hitler misleading, inappropriate and offensive. I am appalled when some compares everyday horrific abuses to the acts of mass destruction and genocide that Hitler's regime commited. It's not the same thing.

In fact, using the name Hitler as a short cut for 'evil person' excuses the rest of us for our own acts of abuse. Like only that man and Hilter are the only 2 people on earth capable of abusive disgusting behaviour. We are all of us capable of behaving as perpetrators and most of us are victims from time to time in our lives.

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