I was watching a show about Bradley, the black guy from 'S Club 7' (yes I watch all sorts of trash). I have always judged him harshly. I always thought he wore gold chains and bandanas to appear street. But he was in such a white pop band I thought he dressed up to add spice or credibility to it. I guess I thought he was play acting at being hard or street or something. But on this show, he came across like a completely positive guy totally ware of the history of black music and he just saw himself as a musician. It was me that had the problem with him being in a pop group. I had the problem that he was 'out of his box'.

I judged him in the way that many white people judge Michael Jackson - for his appearance. Nearly every white person I know believes that Michael Jackson is, not just a freak, but a black man who has sold out. They are outraged at his white skin. I have to say that I have never met a single black person who has felt the same way. Black people are much more forgiving of his cosmetic surgery. Afterall it took Sander Gilman to make me realise that when Jews get their noses 'bobbed' it is a way to de-ethnicize themselves. Thousands upon thousands of Jewish women, some of whom I went to school with, have had de-ethnicizing cosmetic surgery but few people see it in those terms. Few people would have a problem if a Jewish person wanted to look 'normal' (read not Jewish, 'white') but they judge Michael Jackson for the same desire. And yes this is very easy for me to say because I don't look Jewish.

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