Bus Driver to another passenger while waiting at the terminus:
"You know I can't believe they don't clean the buses. They only do the insides." Shakes his head.


"I'm not being funny but it's them others."

"They spit. The other day I threw 4 of them off for their spitting. It's disgusting."


"I'm not a racist or anything."

"No, me neither, I'm not a racist person but you should see what they're getting away with.
We had a meeting the other day because there seems to be too many Freedom Passes around here. The father will claim to loose his pass and give it to his son. I asked some schoolkid the other day why he had a Freedom Pass. He's not disabled. He's not of a certain age so I confiscated it off him. I checked on one and the number was different from the photo ID. They don't even try to get on my bus any more. Coz they know I'll confiscate their passes.


"I had a girl on, with one of them things on her face and I said I wanted to see her face to see if it was like on the ID. The guy kicked up and shouted and when she took off her thing she looked nothing like the photo. He said it was her, but I said, who are you kidding, she looks nothing like the photo. The photo was of someone who's 50 and she was 20 or something.


"And that betel nut that they chew. It causes cancer of the mouth. Stupid."

"You know that building? [passenger points to my tower block] There's 5 flats that been done in that building. To buy drugs. It's disgusting."


"They think this country is a free ride."

I'm not going to go on. You get the picture.
Funny how all racism seems to be sited around certain things: Food, Hygiene, Cleanliness... Money or 'Getting things too easy', Deception. All of these areas have been sites of myth, used by people who want to conjure up hatred.
What a person eats, a lack of hygiene and uncleanliness have all featured in anti-semitism, anti-black racism and anti-irish racism. Not to mention deception and 'getting things too easy'.
The bus driver was black british and the passenger was elderly white british with an eastend accent. It's therefore likely she is either of Jewish descent or Irish descent, though of course, she may be neither. Similar accusations have been made against the entire poor white population of england as well.

The passenger didn't actually say it was the 'asians' or the Bengalis who are doing the robberies in this building, but because it was in with a whole lot of other stuff that was libeling the Bengali community, she implied it.
Funnily enough, I have already mentioned it - that we pretty much know who is behind the robberies... and it's the predominately white addicts in the building.
Just to make it clear - what she was doing, with her insinuations, is called scapegoating.

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