A kid who doesn't fit the stereotype of an 'english person', asks me whether I'm from here, or whether both my parents are from here, after hearing my name.

I understand the question to be about my accent and not my name, and answer that I am an immigrant which is why I speak with this funny accent and leave it at that.

Afterwards L says she overheard the conversation. I am tired and not really thinking when she mentions it. I answer that the kid probably was of non-english parentage so that's why I figured she'd asked. L says, "oh, that's the ok reason for asking I guess."

I still don't understand what she meant by it, except that it wouldn't have been an acceptable question had an 'english' person asked me. I was tired. I didn't explain that it was ok to me who was asking. It depends on tone, or why a person is asking I guess. I imagined this girl had issues around her own identity. Some people might ask out of curiosity, which seems fine... and others ask for reasons of categorisation - are you 'us' or 'them'? I can usually tell what the motivation is. I'm pretty sure when someone's power-tripping me.

NB: Like all my entries, this is subjective, from my point of view. Others may record these events differently.

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