On the home page of my Internet Service Provider there is the news headline:
Sheikh arrested over 'race hate' remarks. I never read the news headlines but this time I clicked

Sheikh arrested over 'race hate' remarks
4:58am Tuesday, 19th February 2002

A Muslim sheikh who allegedly called for Jews to be killed has been arrested on suspicion of "soliciting to murder".

Abdullah el-Faisal was arrested at a London house and is being questioned by police.

Concerns surrounding the activities and alleged comments of the sheikh had previously been highlighted in the House of Commons following claims he had toured the country calling for the killing of Jews and infidels.

A Scotland Yard spokesman confirmed a 38-year-old man had been arrested at a residential premises in Ilford and that other addresses in east London are being searched.

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I don't know why I clicked on that one today. Maybe I wanted to feel bad... I knew what was coming.

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