Not that it matters but this should have gone in on Monday...

The shock of LePen being up for the French Presidential elections. Shocking yes, for me as well. He is actively, openly racist, xenophobic, anti-semitic - a man filled with fear and hate. It was of course reported on BBC Radio4 with due shock.

The Reporter on the ground, in Paris, reported 'interviews' he had made in the Jewish areas of Paris and the Muslim ones. No one was directly quoted. Instead he summarized.

He said the Muslims - the Algerians and Moroccans - would go back, were thinking of going back and that the Jews would go to Israel or America.


Aside from sounding like a complete exaggeration, if not misrepresentation of the mood of a community, it is out of order to represent an entire community as responding in the same way. Yeah, some people might feel that way... but not everyone will... Many many Muslims and Jews have been citizens of France for many generations. France is their home. And home is not so easy to leave... we all know how refugees are treated...

But also, his conclusion, it's like he's doing LePen's work for him. He's saying that just electing LePen will rid France of its pesky Jewish and Muslim - foreigner - 'problem'.

Did he really want to say that?

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