Family discussion about Israel / Palestine.
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I don't know how typical the stance my family seems to take is. I know many others in the Melbourne Jewish community seem to share in the levels of racism, bigotry and paranoia.

For a long time in my life, I thought I wasn't capable of racist behaviour, because I went to anti-Apartheid marches, thought of myself as a liberal and a good person with a strong moral sense. It took a series of awakenings to realise that I am just as capable of racism as anyone else. It was in denial. I thought I was 'above that sort of thing', that racism lurked in everyone else's hearts but not my own. Because I saw myself as a good person, I also saw myself as incapable of evil.

I think a lot of diaspora Jews see Israel in a similar way. Israel is good and therefore incapable of doing bad (sadistic or racist) things. I wonder...

This entry,like all the diary entries, is subjective. Others may record these events differently.

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