Wimbledon (you know, the tennis) - have you noticed how more than any other woman tennis players, the Williams sisters are described as 'very athletic' and 'strong', or that they 'pound' the ball. Of course, they are very athletic and strong but I also find Venus in particular, graceful and sweet - 2 words that never seem to be used in reference to her... Maybe it's because she reminds me of a friend, who I admire and like very much. It seems to me that we like or hate tennis players quite randomly, based on what we imagine must be their personalities.

Like Big Brother. From quite early on in this year's Big Brother, I liked Adele and I realise now it's because, on some level, I relate to her. And part of my relating to her is because she's black. I noticed that the other black housemates were very quickly voted out and now she's the only non-white player. I sympathise with her on that level - just as I did Narindar(sp?) last year. I judge her differently, more sympathetically than others in the group. I realise this because I had a discussion with a friend about Big Brother and my prejudices were brought to the surface. I simply liked or disliked people by their looks, what they were or their accent.
and I thought I was an aware, thinking person...

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