I was talking about a Muslim wedding I went to once, that it was very long and that because there was no alcohol to lubricate conversation between the strangers sat together at our table, it was almost unbearable. Then I joked that it was almost a bonding moment for the non-Muslims at the party. I was then told by V, who is Hindu, that they also have no alcohol at weddings.
Faux-pas? Racism? Insensitivity?
I think I would have relayed the same tale had one of the people present been Muslim, but I might have told it differently. For me, my personal test to see if I have said something I understand as racist is whether I would have said the same thing in front of or with a person from that background. (I believe in openness and honesty - not second guessing myself under the weight of political correctness but talking and being open to learning another view.) I don't think it was racism but I'm not so sure.

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