I met up with a friend from America. It seems like there is a strong discourse amongst non-Republican Americans that the potential war with Iraq is totally understood in terms of George W's greed for money and oil. Because there are many more reports there about his (and other Republicans') corruption, especially around the funding of the election campaign, non-Republicans understand that George W is really only motivated by greed, centralising power and mostly paying back those global multinationals who supported him to the tune of multi-millions during the campaign...

I'm including this here because the reports in Britain are inciting us to war pretty much in terms of hate, fear and religion, like a Holy war or a Crusade, focusing on Saddam Hussein as the figure of evil but also diminishing the horror and injustice of the inevitable innocent casulties by reminding us that all Muslims are (potential) terrorists.

In a recent poll, when people were asked who is the greater threat to world peace: Saddam Hussein or George W Bush, it was about 50/50 with slightly more people thinking George W was the threat. It gives me hope that it is possible to see through some of the propaganda.

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