N talked about a friend of hers who was passed over for a job. It went to a much less experienced Indian woman. N claimed that V got the job because she's Indian. I said that firstly I got my job at TM, where she also works, without any experience. I was given a chance based on other kinds of related experience, my attitude and other qualities that I bring to the job. There comes a time when Youth is employed over Experience and that happened to her friend. Secondly if V was taken on because she's Indian-descent then I say Bravo! I told her about the project I was doing in South London with only white people as workshop leaders and the problematic nature ofdoing outreach work with a homogenously white staff. She agreed and said she also found it problematic.

What I want to know is why is a quota a problem if it effects your own or a friend's employment BUT ok if it's just an abstract idea?

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