Doing a project in an area which has a majority of Black British residents - both of African descent and Carribean. It struck me when I met my co-workers that they are both white and neither live in the area. But when I went down to the site the other day I realised that nearly everyone running the various activities is also white, including the Project Manager.

I think that's kind of problematic. First of all, the majority of people getting employment from the project are white but also that all the projects are being 'imported' instead of generated by local people... I know that my co-workers have some stereotyped ideas about the area - ideas entirely gleaned from the news and not from experience - which is one problem that happens when you bring in people who live in other areas (like myself).

But maybe it's just me who finds it dodgy. Maybe it's just me who sees things in these terms and the punters, the local people, haven't even noticed it, or find it a problem. I kind of doubt it though.

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