Bit of a strange moment. I was reading some old anti-Chinese articles from a local paper that a friend had collected together. One was pasted to the back of his toilet door, which is why it came up in conversation. They reminded me very much of the kind of thing written in Australian newspapers from the same period (1920s and 1950s) so I mentioned the levels of anti-Chinese - or less specifically, south east asian - sentiments in contemporary Australia. Another person said that they have a friend from Perth, Australia who lives here but wants to go back because the racism is so much worse here.

I said I was surprised because I know just how "anti-Asian" (read: South East Asian or Oriental) all of Australia is and in fact how "anti-Asian" racist my family is. I looked at the 2 Chinese-descent people in the room meaningfully. I don't really know why I did that. Yes I wanted to prove my point, but I laboured it in a way that was wierd. I guess I wanted to show B that my family could be just as racist as his. (He had previously told me that his step mum called him a Jew, which when he told me that, I felt really offended and angry). Maybe I wanted him to feel that way as well...

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