I finally saw the offending poster in the anti-racist poster competition. The one that says Attack the Jews. I didn't find it as offensive as K did. You could clearly see that the kid was angry. I mean angry in a generalised teenage way. It was a "Don't attack Iraq" poster with pictures of Blair and Bush with huge grossly erect penises, using them as weapons. It said "Don't attack Iraq, Freedom for Palestine (I think), Attack the Jews".

At the time I said to S that I didn't think it was too bad - but it clearly had no place in an anti-racist poster competition. I actually felt it was more strongly misogynist than anti-semitic but it has stayed with me... I feel like I have to go and talk in Muslim schools or something about the whole Israel thing. I even offered to explain it to S, but she laughed uneasily and said yes she should find out more about it.

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