I saw some flowers placed by the walkway next to the Yarra River River. I assumed a car had driven off the road. I said to the relative who was driving that it's sad when you see those bunches of flowers. She told me they were for some Vietnamese kids who were murdered there in a gang machete attack. She then went on to say how that's a big cultural difference between the Vietnamese and Australians - they use knifes.

I disagreed with her. I said I remembered in the 70s when I grew up that all the newspapers were filled with gang warfare between 'The Skips' (Anglo-Celtic Australians) and 'The Wogs' (Greek / Italian Australians). All the knife-use stereotypes was with the Italian and Greek communities. I said that newspapers print - or at least give the most column inches to - stories that maintain the stereotypes. You will read loads about a particular group who are perceived as violent but much less about the dominant anglo-celtic population who are statistically more violent.

Why is it that most Australians are unaware that Adelaide is the serial murder capital of the entire world. It has had 7 serial killers for a population of just over a million. They don't know because that is not the way we tend to picture sleepy Adelaide and maybe also because the serial killers are from the dominant culture.

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