I don't know how much of this stuff reaches other bits of the world, but there is a wierd bit of disinformation going around Britain. Apparently this Eid (a Muslim festival to celebrate Hajj, the Mecca pilgrimage - v holy), according to the Government, is the Eid of Surrender. Until this year and until this war, I guess, this Eid has never before been called the Eid of Surrender. Friends are laughing at the blatant disinformation - otherwise known as LIES - the government is promulgating.

L went to Mosque for Eid, wearing appropriate clothing and got such hassle for it by local white people, such abuse, she couldn't believe people wear head scarfs or veils on a daily basis. She is now very sad and depressed and it's not like she didn't already have experience of daily racism and anti-Muslim hatred. It's hard to believe that Eid, a holy and family-centred celebration can be portrayed like this. (The govt sent in troops to Heathrow on 'terror' alert.) It's like saying Christains would choose to go to war on Christmas day. It's just not what it's about... Sadly most non-Muslims know so little about Islam, they'll believe anything...

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