We were on a bus which goes through backstreets. We went past a group of Muslim men praying out of doors in the sun. A black man got up to have a good look at the gathering then quickly took out his mobile phone with picture imaging and took a photo of them.

I was so angry at him. I assumed he wasn't Muslim himself because he seemed to be excited by the exotic-ness of the spectacle. Being black, I also assumed he was religious himself and in a way, doubly disrespectful because he must have a sense of what religious feeling is and therefore how inappropriate it was to take a photo of them going about their business. Time and time again, I see photos of Muslims praying by tourists and photojournalists and 'artists' - images of what appears to be homogenous prostrate devotion taken usually from afar, emphasing the spectacle. I have also seen images of Hajj taken by Muslims, but somehow there is a different feeling - one of respect that so many people are making the pilgrimage.

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