This is a dream I had last night:

I dreamt I was at a big picnic open-air festival thing arranged by the local authorities, the council, somewhere nice, by the sea. Loads of different people were there and I was talking to an African-Carribean background girl. Her mum came up, I knew her, and said they had to go the hairdresser's to get their hair braided and turned to leave. I said I'd come and asked where was it, in Peckham? She looked at me with hostility. I was told it would be hours and hours. I asked, more than a couple? And I was told yes, and I turned away. I walked past groups of picnicing people, I caught snatches of conversation: philosophically political conversations about post- and past colonialism. The people, mostly black, were animated, angry about them. I walked on, noticing that there were large amounts of people clearing the big field, where most of the event was happening. They were leaving in droves, in obvious ethnic groups.

A Hasidic man walked past me and said, they wouldn't let us eat! An Ultra-Orthodox Jewish man explained, they are moving us out. I turned around and saw that the tent was filled with white people with perfect teeth and flaxen hair. All around the tent were decorations by 'ethnic' people - Indian wedding decorations, photos of smiling brown faces, Chinese food, etc, etc, each table separated according to ethnicity. All the actual people who weren't white were being driven out. Just the decorations remained in the main area.

I have never had a dream anything like this. Usually, aside from being incoherent, they are personal or biographically reflective.

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