Been having a tough time teaching a course. While normally I can discuss racism and ethnic differences with a variety of people from a variety of backgrounds, knowing full well that at times my head and my interpretation is full of stereotypes - suddenly I have fallen into a world of self-censorship and 'watching my Ps and Qs'. And because I've found myself in a liberal bind, gagged through politically correct self-consciousness I haven't been able to approach the topic honestly.

It's very wierd. I rarely tie myself up in knots like this - though I hear it all around me all the time: Double standards when reviewers talk about plays written by black people, suddenly an approach is taken by whoever it is in 'authority' that 'makes allowances' for imagined differences... whatever... and I know it's name is liberalism and I know I have suddenly fallen prey. I think I must be tired and not thinking.

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