Watched Newsround - news for kids - with an article about a 12 year old girl getting married. She is Roma (Gypsy) living in Romania and, eventhough it's against the law to get married at that age, the authorities ignore it when it comes to the Roma community becuase it's traditional with them, according to the news, anyway.

The news was claiming to take an unbiased view of this marriage, but then compared the 12 year old girl's marriage to other places in the world where you can get married at that age.
We have many stereotypes for these two countries which seemed to be implied and upheld by reminding us, the viewer, that in these countries young girls can be married. The article failed to mention that in some states in the USA, you can also get married at that age. By comparing with countries that dominant British culture considers 'them' and failing to compare with a culture that we consider 'us', it made the pracitce of getting married at a young age seem barbaric or primitive or maybe extreme and religious...

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