Watching reality tv - "Airport" about an airport, and a variety of shows about people moving from here to much lovelier places abroad.... in serach of a better life, easier living, higher standard of living.

Juxtapose with recent and ongoing rhetoric from the politicians about other kinds of people, them, who try to enter Britain in search of...
not simply easier living or a better life - there is no entry for "economic migrants"
but the right not to be bombed, or persecuted, or the right to leave peacefully.

Do other people realise the huge gaping double standard at play? We can move across the globe - in fact wherever we want. But give that choice to anyone else,
no way...
and the politicians get voted and standing ovations for maintaining that distinction between us and them -
what WE have as a right and what YOU can have, only if you're very very lucky.

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