Tried to cancel my ntl internet subscription (major nightmare. No one ever answers the phone and it's impossible to do on the website itself). I rang one of the numbers I had found on their website. It wasn't the right number but it was ntl.

The man who is in Swansea, Wales said that the call centre was now in India and that was the reason for the bad service. He then went on to say how you can't even understand them..etc. I said that to be honest I wouldn't care where it was in the world, as long as I could get through and get good service. But for him, it was an opportunity for racism - and I guess if I was in fear that my job was on the line, that my job might go abroad to another country, I might come up with every stereotype and myth about that country .

He had that conversation with me. I wonder how many other people he talks to about it, venting his fear and frustration as racism.

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