Was chatting to a friend and the subject of her boyfriend came up. He had to leave his job because he had become very sick from all the stress and the number of hours he had to do.

I asked didn't he get "sickness"? [meaning sickness benefit]

"Well...he's white"

I said, I mean from the employers becuase he got sick from working too much.

She seemed embarrassed - she explained that work won't give you sickness for 2 years - maybe just 6 months but not 2 years...

It's a funny thing about benefits - I'm not sure why people think there's a 'race' bias. Maybe because the forms ask for your 'racial origin' so people assume that means there is a preferential system?
Or maybe because "black people are on benefits", white people assume that they won't receive them....?
It's wierd because it's one of the few totally open areas in life. There are simple rules. No matter what you look like - if you have no income and little savings (I can't remember how much coz it has changed since I was on benefits), you can receive money from the government. There's no tricks to it... though you can't be married or cohabiting with someone who earns too much....
There is absolutely nothing else to it, no other secret or agendas or hidden preferences - unlike employment situations for instance.

I was reading a book about how to write a brilliant CV (resume) the other day. It said that it is an unfortunate fact that if photos are required with CVs for jobs white attractive men get shortlisted first, then white attractive women. That if you don't fit into either category, you might consider hiding the things that show your background in your CV so you get shortlisted at least.

WHAT?? !!! ???

White people have so many advantages and positive prejudices working in their favour, I really don't understand why they imagine they are disadvantaged...

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