I was sitting drinking coffee and suddenly overheard a man next to me say, that it was a funny thing about London, 'tourists seemed to find things first'. He was talking about the area we were in. I think he made that 'observation' because he'd heard me speak, he'd heard my Australian accent. He went on to say that 'London's many jewels are worn by others'.

I was so angry at his assumptions that anyone who doesn't speak with a British accent is a tourist. London boasts over 200 languages spoken by its residents - I think that's the number - but anyway you get the idea... And there are hundreds of different accents from the British Isles and elsewhere. People don't step off planes and lose their accents. In fact Bernie Grant MP spoke with a Caribbean accent his whole life - and he represented us in the houses of Parliament...
I doubt the man was born in London himself - he certainly didn't sound like it - more Home Counties...(but that might be work for a different kind of diary). I guess I should have challenged his idiocy when I heard it, but he went on to make observations about other people sitting in the vicinity, so I figured he just had a general need to feel superior.

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