me, you, them


Had a whole discussion about employment and racism. Even V who is of an Indian background seemed to flinch when I called it was racist to only employ people who look like oneself. I think we are so used to thinking that racism is only what happens with fists and machetes that we don't see that middle class racism, the kind that denies people jobs just because they don't look like or sound like the majoirty culture around them is just as racist or, if not just as, then also injurious to people. Real people trying to live their lives.

It's funny coz we both are very aware of the cultural climates of some of the places we have worked for, so much so that it has been a motivating factor in whether she stays or leaves a job. I guess there's a lot of power in the actual word racism and because the stigma is so large, we want to avoid it - even if it means not looking at our own actions or thoughts and their consequences.

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