Hampstead and self-loathing

Maybe that says it all...?
I have to admit I rarely leave my side of town, except to go to up West, so I forget what other places are like. The bookstore at Hampstead has a big section called Jewish Interest, so I figured there are many Jewish people who live there. It is also a very very rich area - so rich, I kind of felt excluded and sick (but the heath really is lovely, which is why I was there in the first place). So Jews = money... or so the story goes, and here it seems like it is true.

Dinner time, needed to eat and chose to sit down at a middle-eastern looking place, complete with souk exotica - but I love Lebanese food and figured that was what it was, so I was happy. Before being served, I went ot the bathroom which was disgusting - dirty and revolting and I was sent back in recall to many years before when I was in a bus station toilet at Sharm El Shek (spelling?) when it was part of Israel and I had dysentery.... I suddenly imagined (introjected?) that the owners of the restuarant had set up shop in a known rich jew area just to humiliate and give food poisoning...
how's that for paranoia?

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