me (+you?)


I didn't write this one in straight away. It's one of those slow burners that I only realise what's happened a while later.

I was listening to the radio and an Irish nun was talking in passing about Jewish people. She mentioned how clever we are... and that was that.

It's funny how often people think it's ok to have a stereotype if it's a positive one. Why would I be offended to be called clever?

Well, because if I am, I want that to be because of me and my learning and to some extent my parents, my direct genetic inheritance - because of my unique attributes and not because her spurious idea of 'my people'

- because some of the stupidest people I know are Jewish

- because it's a double-edge knife. It means clever and too clever at the same time.

And all this from the mouth of a nun, someone I think, is meant ot be pure of heart and without prejudice - or am I romanticising them?

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