Having a conversation with V about all sorts of things. Then he says that 30% of Asian girls leave school with no GCSEs (lower school certificate qualifications) and went on to say that this was cultural, about cultural expectations within the family...

I stopped him there saying, I don't don't where he got that from but around here (which has the largest concentration of Bengali people in Britain) Asian girls do well, often better than schools with non-Bengali kids. I was about to cite my local high school as an example when he rounded off the conversation and we hung up.

I know people don't like disagreement, so that was the likely reason why the conversation ended but I find it constantly surprising how often people want to keep up their stereotypes and just not hear evidence that counters their favoured myths and assumptions. Myths and assumptions based, not on personal experience, but on media and newspaper propaganda and good old fashioned rumour-mongering.

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