I have been thinking about "Gone with the Wind". Something the comedian Armando Ianucci said during "The Big Read" stayed with me til now. He was shocked that anyone in this day and age could put that book at the top of their list of favourites . He made a joke of it, pointing out that it's incredibly racist and whatever story is on that backdrop is discredited because of its extreme and therefore unrealistic characterisations.

I've been thinking about it because of "Oliver!", which I mentioned a couple of days ago - and therefore "Oliver Twist" and every other book in the cannon of English literature which has anti-semitism at its core, or as a throw-away line. Maybe, if you're not in the despised group, it is possible to ignore the substance of the racism and just enjoy the book. It's possible I guess. ?

I've never read "Gone with the Wind" but I love the movie. I've seen it scores of times and I know the black characters are gross caricatures so I ignore them. I can't say they even inform my stereotypes about black people - though, really when I think about it, they must. I guess that's the point. It all adds up to a stereotype that informs my way of understanding the world.
And what's more- I really enjoy consuming it because it's dressed up in a story that I love.

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