I was walking in an area that is very white and very rich, near where I live,in a kind of "gated community". It's a very pretty walk being on the water and it's very quiet. Around a bend I saw 2 Asian men, one in religious dress, hanging out under one of the rich apartments. I instantly thought it was drug dealing - despite the fact that one was clearly religious. When I came closer I saw that they were fishing, one guy teaching the other - usually the preserve of white working class locals. I had completely understood the situation through 2 stereotypes - one that 2 Asian men in a semi-secluded area spells drug dealing and that only white men are interested in fishing.

A little further on I looked into a new empty flat with huge windows which look onto the water and saw two black women. Something in their manner made me think they were potential buyers - and it instantly flashed through my mind that these properties must be "affordable housing" unlike the rest of the millionaires homes. I realise it was because they were black I assumed that.

I don't know what was going on that day - I'm tired, very tired with all the work I've been doing and I know that my uglier side comes out when I'm tired or afraid...I don't know...

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