I've just heard about an incident with Chinese workers in Morecombe, England where they died. It is assumed that they are illegal immigrant workers. Which they may be. But it is being reported as such now before anyone really knows.

Yesterday I heard on a TV news progamme the story of a child who was killed by a hit and run car accident. The man who killed the child was an an Algerian illegal immigrant, whose asylum application was turned down, and who was driving a car that had no tax, no MOT (drive-worthy certificate), and no insurance.

The facts of the case are all true. It was even reported in a not too emotional manner. It is obvious the driver would have no insurance because as an illegal immigrant, he wouldn't have a choice about that, and it is a crime so he is doing time for that. He is also doing time for the death of the child. It's great that car accident murderers do time! Personally, I would give them longer sentences. But why I am writing this here is because this case is the only case of hit and run murder that has been reported on the news for many years - that I am aware of... Why of all the 3000 murders that happen on the roads where pedestrians are killed by car accidents was this the only one to be reported?

Because he's Algerian? Becasue he is therefore Muslim? Because he is an illegal immgrant, and in particular, not one from the USA or 'White' Europe, but from Africa? Or am I perhaps reading too much into it?

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