Around my area where I live, there are people - or maybe even one single person - who whites-out posters which advertise things either about sexual exploitation, like "Gentleman's Clubs", or with nearly naked women.

It's the kind of thing that women did in the 1980s under a feminist agenda. To be honest, I actually would probably chose to white out those same posters if I could be bothered - but I know (know) that this editing of the visual world is being done under the auspices of Islam, not Feminism. So I'm ambivalent. I admire whoever it is for actually bothering to do something. I also agree with their choices of particularly gross, inappropriate or annoying objectification of women's bodies... but, I guess, my racist fantasy leads me to imagine that the person veiling the billboards in white paint would also want to veil me. So some forms of "direct action" are ok, while others seem... threatening... even when I actually agree with it.

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