A website for the Education Business Partnership in Tower Hamlets has this line: " they [Bangladeshis] are the vast majority of Tower Hamlets population". They are a charity.

What's wrong with this line? It is factually incorrect and therefore inflammatory. Many many people have a perception that Tower Hamlets (which is where I live) is "more foreign" than it really is. I have also fallen for this misconception in the past. But while Bangladeshis make up the largest minority, they still only account for less than half of the population of Tower Hamlets. I have done the same thing - imagined an area or an estate to be all Bengali, when actually it is only about 50/50. Something can happen in our brains where we over-estimate them and underestimate us. It happens. But when a charity, on an official website, spouts bias in their data - that's when you have a real problem.

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