I had a conversation with a friend who is Arabic. I told her about a project I would like to make happen. She pointed out that there have been many Jewish exhibitions in this country. I said I didn't know any.

Later I was going through a list of publications, looking for articles about "art and politics" and "contemporary art". As I trawled thousands of articles, I saw certain patterns. Aside from general articles about those topics, and the art of the USA, Britain and Europe, there were many articles written about Jewish artists, in particular, art around The Holocaust. There were also quite a few written about contemporary Aboriginal art and some about Nigerian contemporary art (thanks largely to Okwui Enwezor) plus a few about other identities, black diasporic, Chinese, etc but only one that I could find about Arabic art. I had never seen the absence before. I've been told reasons why there are no real spaces where Arabic art is shown in Britain, but I never really took notice of the absence. Now I see it.

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