Went to a meeting about "Widening Participation" for a gallery. I pointed out that while there are so few black, or non-white, people at X, it makes people who are differenced feel uncomfortable because they become objects of curiosity instead of ordinary art gallery goers. Later in the meeting a senior white man cited a meeting he went to about disability access to the gallery. He said, looking straight at me, that it was interesting that things that would facilitate access for one group tend to alienate another.

I took him to be implying that whatever strategy might facilitate a broader audience for the gallery is in danger of alienating the current white middle class audience.

Also during that meeting, I pointed out that we are currently failing to attract a rich or middle class non-white audience. It isn't just about poverty or social deprivation. I believe it was the first time some of them had even considered that a non-white person could be middle class or even rich.

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