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[African and Asian Visual Artists Archive ONLINE]

Funded by Heritage Lottery Fund

14 September 2006 - 2008

Due to misappropriation of funds by a former colleague, the website and database no longer exist.

Selecta CD
CDrom for secondary schools - Selecta!*

*Designed by Sepake Angiama, this CD was recommended by QCA as one of the top 8 Art + Design Resource projects nationwide.

**Special thanks to Heather Corcoran for her online project management

Downloads of SELECTA! available here

AAVAA online was a project in partnership with Diversity Arts Forum. It was initiated by Alana Jelinek of terra incognita. The archive was begun in 1986 by Eddie Chambers and is currently based at UEL (University of East London).

The AAVAA online project put this important archive online so that anyone could access the information.

It was hoped that the online resource would be accessible for anyone interested in the history of art generally and, specifically, in artists from African and Asian descent living in Britain.

AAVAA online was accessible - written in a language that most people will understand. We chose to avoid academic or artworld jargon so that the information in the archive was widely accessible. The archive spans approximately 100 years of visual art achievement in Britain by Black artists - here defined as artists of African and Asian descent - from 1900 - 2000. It was therefore not a contemporary archive but an historical one. As an archive it is partial, as all archives are, but it was hoped that AAVAA online would be at least a starting point.

Launched 14 September 2006 at South Bank Centre and Victoria Miro Gallery

Due to circumstances beyond the control of terra incognita, the website is no longer available.

The online archive was accompanied by a CDrom, Selecta!, which was made by and for secondary schools. The CD focuses on the artwork by 20 artists from the 200 in the archive -

Mona Hatoum | Donald Rodney | Meera Chauda | Lubaina Himid | Gavin Jantes | Susan Pui San Lok | Roshini Kempadoo | Shanti Thomas | Sokari Douglas Camp | Ingrid Pollard | Allan de Souza | Keith Piper | Chila Kumari Burman | Frank Bowling | Yinka Shonibare | Rasheed Araeen | Donald Locke | FN Souza | Aubrey Williams

It was aimed at helping young people understand contemporary art generally and concepts around exhibiting art like curating and interpretion.
The interactive CD aimed at both teachers and young people.

Selecta! may still be available from UEL (University of East London).