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between borders

exhibition curated by Tomomi Iguchi in partnership with Alana Jelinek

catalogue produced by terra incognita

between borders

work by British artists born elsewhere:

Anthony Key, Sergei Ivanov, Alana Jelinek, Anne Rook, Tomomi Iguchi, Ian Robertson

Toyota Municipal Museum of Art, Toyota City, Japan
28.9.99 - 3.10.99

Honen-in, Kyoto, Japan
6.10.99 - 11.10.99
Cable Street Gallery was an artist-run initiative housed in a studio complex of over 150 studios in London's East End. The gallery was established in 1996 by Anne Rook, Anthony Key, Alana Jelinek, Grace Lodge, Michael Cubey and Sharon Byrne. Significantly, many of the artists working at Cable Street, including many of the founders of Cable Street Gallery, are artists from overseas,living and working in London. When Saturo Kato invited artists from Cable Street to particiapte in Between Borders, it was experiences of migration and cultural negotitaion that selected artists were asked to explore in their work for this project.

Between Borders included the work of British artists born elsewhere and working in 1999 at Cable Street Studios, London.

Between Borders was conceieved by the artists and by Saturo Kato of Toyota City Cultural Organisation as both an exhibition and an exchange between the London-based artists and their Japanese contemporaries. Work was produced specifically for exhibition in Toyota City and at Honen-in Buddhist Temple in Kyoto and artists traveled to Japan with the support of the Great Britain Sasakawa Foundation.

Between Borders was a cultural exchange concerned by its very nature with negotiating 'difference', locality and global migration. Importantly, it recognises the contribution of global cultural interdependence at the heart of national cultural identity.

With many thanks to The Great Britain Sasakawa Foundation, Mitsuhiko Tera of ToyotaCity Municipal Museum of Art, Saturo Kato, Toshiko Honda, Kazumasa Honda, Masaaki Kazita, Hoson ando, Yasuhiro Ishikawa, Yasuo itami, Chiharu Kaji, Shieyuki Mizuno and Shozo Yamauchi.
Especial thanks to all the homestay families.