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moot point

moot point @ the field

moot point n

(US) An issue regarded as potentially debatable, but no longer practically applicable, irrelevant.

(UK) moot n - A medieval gathering or 'parliament' where important local issues were discussed.

moot point is an annual art happening at the field over a long weekend in the first weekend of September. Each year terra incognita works with other artists, curators or organisations to stage moot point.
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moot point 2012 - failure

moot point 2011 - revolution

This year's moot point addressed the idea of revolution in the wake of the 'Jasmine Spring' or the revolutions occurring throughout the middle-east and in the wake of home-grown riots. Connections are.

Moot point 2011 was proposed by Rachel Anderson. Mooters were Richard Houguez, Karen Mirza, Brad Butler, Larne Abse Gogarty, Rachel Anderson
link for 2011 audio

moot point 2010 - string theory

The aim of this year's moot point was to address the issue of the relationship of 'difficult' science to society. String theory was both a metaphor and a starting point. The moot covered various aspects of string theory including particle physics, the history of string and the relationship between maths, strings and music culminating in interrogating the relationship between climate science and economics and society.

Moot point 2010 was proposed by Juliette Brown. Mooters were Juliette Brown, Marcus Miller, Anne Taylor, Wonu Veys, Wayne Dawson, Alana Jelinek
link for 2010 audio

2009 - interrogating 'utopias'

At terra incognita, we are aware that while we have chosen to work in an idyll - 'the field' - towards ideal(istic) goals, there is a long and tragic history of this type of impulse. Art history has its heroes - Joseph Beuys and the relational aesthetics work championed by Nicolas Bourriaud are just a few examples - but the futurists, who were fascists, were also idealists who believed that they too had THE answers to the problems of contemporary life.

moot point 2009 was an event aimed at addressing this problematic history and impulse. Artists and others who work with these ideas presented their ideas and their positions throughout the weekend.
Moot point 2009 was proposed by Alana Jelinek. Mooters were Alana Jelinek, Robin Boast, Bridget McKenzie, Sandra White, Richard Houguez, Clea Sambrook
link for 2009 audio