My favorite place to buy food supplies near my studio is run by Turkish people. I think they're Turkish because of the product range. I know the previous owners were because whenever England played Turkey in a big International football game, they would always wear England shirts.

I don't like these new owners as much - for no particular reason...

I was in the shop buying some more provisions and I noticed that all of the men in the small local shop, behind the counter or unloading supplies, were wearing walkie talkies or earphones. Suddenly I became paranoid. What were they planning? Why was it suddenly necessary to have 4 men with conspicuous forms of ready communication? Instantly I assumed the worst - they must be planning something...

All these thoughts happened in an instant, without me hardly being conscious of them. Consciously, all I was aware of was that I suddenly no longer wanted to shop there.
Of course while I write this up, I realise that it may have been a complete coincidence that each of these individuals had different electronic devices on them. Or, given the large amount of actual bodily harm and arson going on towards Muslims and Muslim's property in Britain since September 11th, the walkie talkies, etc may have been some form of protection.
I had brought my prejudices and fear to the tableau and understood it through those negative feelings.

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