I haven't been to the studio in a while, so I haven't listened to BBC radio for over a week. I usually leave it on Radio 4 while I work because it's easier to work with than music and I can tune in and out of the talk at will.

But today, the letters on feedback for 'P.M.' (week-daily news and current affairs program ) almost exclusively framed Islam as a 'terrorist religion'. Usually 'PM' is balanced and will offer 2 sides to any argument, even in the feedback arena but not today. The program ended with a letter that urged us, the listeners, to understand Islam as the enemy and for politicians to admit that 'truth'.

The tone, if not the language, takes me back to the Middle Ages, to Christian Crusaders fighting a Holy War against the Infidel. (Monty Python would have a field day updating 'Sir Knight' with a middle class suit roaming around the countryside clunking together 2 half coconuts to make the sound of horse's hooves. Or maybe a scene with 'Sir Knight' and a similarly attired 'Infidel' blowing up bits of each other until all that is left is 2 heads shouting at each other, making threats.)

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