Watching Athletics from Edmonton, Canada. Of course, when any sport is on an international scale, commentators are biased in favour of the home country. Of course and I have no problem with that as long as they attempt to do justice to other competitors' achievements.

The steeple chase heats are on (strange sport where humans pretend to be horses but anyway...) and the BBC commentator notices that Kenyan nationals are doing pretty well overall and are likely to dominate the race. He comments that there is a German and a Spaniard with a chance in the heat that we're watching and starts to urge them to win and urges the audience to support them in the race against the Kenyans.

Why we are urged to support ANY European above the Kenyans is beyond me, considering Kenya is an ex-colony and therefore part of the commonwealth. Sympathies are not necessarily as clear cut as the commentator assumed. Afterall, we spent a couple of decades in the 20th century killing Germans and being killed by them.

In fact, it is even more problematic - or telling - because both the European runners are white and the Kenyans are black.

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