There's an ad on tv for a car which features different symbols of luck from supposedly different cultures. There's a shamrock, a Virgin Mary, a gonk, etc but there are two which make me feel uncomfortable - and actually quite offended.

One is a shrunken American Indian head with full chief headress hung as a fetish from the rear view mirror. (!)
The other is a key ring with a menorah and the word Israel. I can only assume the reason this tourist nick-nack is part of the sequence is because it has been confused with a symbol of luck (of which there are a number in Judaism).

It may be bad research on the part of the advertisers but it feels worse. It seems to want to include all religions (a Hindu God(ess) - Lakshmi? - is also featured) yet there are no symbols of Islam, for example.
slick tokenism? - what a surprise from the advertising industry.

The ad is for Volkswagen. Maybe I expect too much from a company with their history.

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