During the break at my web design course, I was looking to buy something from the vending machine and I saw a new item. I think it was new but I don't usually buy chocolate so I'm not sure whether I just hadn't noticed it before.

The thing is, I couldn't tell whether it was a joke or not. There were 2 rows of them and they cost just 10p (a bargain for once!) so I bought one.
It was called BIG DEAL and the words were made from the USA flag, you know with stars and stripes making up the letters. I looked at the back and it listed the ingredients in the way that normal chocolate bars do but it was made by a company I had never heard of. That's not so wierd, though. I often buy bizarre brands that have been imported just to try something new.
For all I know, this candy bar - which was thin and cheap tasting, a bit like a mean Milky Way - is a product that has been around for ages. It reminded me of the kind of thing you can see when you're travelling and a local entrepreneur has made fake versions of well-known brands and sometimes they even include American images or even the flag in order to create some kind of brand identity that links the product to 'the american way of life', or at least the ideal or myth of 'the american way'.

Alternatively, this product was actually like an art prank, or some kind of political joke about the US being a 'big deal'. We could just chew it up. I'm just not sure whether I'm reading too much into this though. I feel like I'm reading signs into everything, but then again, maybe they're there. I don't know.

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