Received an email today with an attachment protesting an alleged Japanese custom or practice. The email had images of chefs preparing babies and foetuses for culinary purposes.

What??? Who could believe this shit?

The photos look posed, if not photoshopped. And why would there be photos anyway? It's so fishy I can't believe anyone would fall for it. It's quite simply anti-Japanese propaganda!

And there is so much historical precedent for creating antipathy for a nation through ideas around food. It happens all the time. We talk about ethnicities being disgusting for their hygiene or food practices - ooh they eat this or that disgusting animal or they slaughter them this way or whatever. This piece piece of shit is even worse though... it's a blood libel.

I will also add that half the description about the pictures was in english and the other half was in what appeared to be Korean.

I haven't returned the email with a reply yet. It's kind of hard to know how to phrase it without going off my head...

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